Young Learners

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ALF offers both group and one-to-one French and German courses for young learners from the age of 5 to 16. Each group is organised according to level and age. The size of our groups varies from 3 to 8 learners.

The course activities are carefully selected according to the level of the group and the age of the young learners, paying particular attention to the pace and rhythm at which they individually learn. Songs, games and handicraft make part of the courses (especially for the younger ones) to encourage everyone to learn and have fun doing it.

For the particularly younger ones, the courses are essentially aimed at intoducing them to a second / foreign language and helping them, step-by-step, to make as much progress as possible. For other learners, with a certain base, the courses will also help to support their language studies at school. The courses we offer for this group of learners, especially teenagers, will definitely prove useful when they continue their studies in higher education.

COURSE SCHEDULE & TIMES : In general, our Young Learner group courses represent 1 x 60 minute lesson per week. The course schedules vary according to the classes which take place Monday to Friday from 16:00 onwards as well as Wednesday afternoon.